Hi, I'm Jackie Santana, a Fullstack Software Developer. With a fervent passion for all aspects of technology—from front-end to back-end—I strive to innovate and shape the future of the digital landscape.
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"My love for coding was inspired by my passion for learning new things. As a kid I’ve always observed things differently and always looked at life as an opportunity to learn and experience, innovate in ways to help others. The reason why I chose to learn code is because it is a euphoric feeling knowing that you can create something from literally nothing. When I create, I feel like I’m the most powerful person in the world. I love when I stumble upon a task to be quite challenging and difficult to figure out because situations like that keeps my brain sharp and only makes me stronger. I just look at coding like one huge puzzle, just putting the pieces together until they all fit"
- Jackie Santana

Technical Toolbox  


Front End
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Gatsby.js
  • Next.js
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
Back End
  • Backend Development:
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
    • REST API | Auth
    • GraphQL
    • MongoDB | Redis
    • MySQL | PostgreSQL
    • Python
    • Flask | Django
    • Go/Golang
  • Cloud & DevOps:
    • Docker
    • Cloud Computing | AWS | VPS
    • Linux | CI/CD (Circle Ci)
  • Others:
    • FireBase
    • Wordpress


The projects featured here demonstrate my focus on coding, logic, working with backend technologies, APIs, databases, and CRUD operations. While I could have utilized frameworks like React, I chose to showcase my ability to write vanilla JavaScript from scratch. My primary goal was to display my technical proficiencies and create functional applications, even running them on a Linode remote virtual private server on a Linux Ubuntu image server, using nginx, which I set up myself, including my own SSL certificate. Additionally, this portfolio itself is being run on an Express Node.js server and is hooked up to a Firebase database, manifesting my ability to work with various technologies and highlighting my comprehensive skillset. These projects were developed with an emphasis on the underlying mechanics rather than aesthetics, as a testament to my capabilities and ability to deliver solutions across a range of languages and frameworks.

Explore My Latest Creations

Travel Light
Reddit Threads: Engaging Conversations and Nested Replies

TypeScript, React, ESLint, Webpack

In this Reddit-style comment thread project, I've leveraged the robustness of TypeScript, React, ESLint, and Webpack to create a complex, interactive comment system. By employing recursive data structures, the application facilitates a parent-to-child relationship, where a parent ID of null represents a root comment, and any ID that matches the parent's ID is a child. This relationship mirrors real-world discussion threads found on platforms like Reddit. The comment system is built as a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application with a maximum recursion level of 10. This constraint ensures that the nested comments do not continue indefinitely, providing a practical and realistic structure. The project is not about the aesthetics or UI; it's a demonstration of my ability to code complex logic, understand recursion, and work with trees. It's a functional representation of online discourse, highlighting the intricate relationships between comments, replies, and sub-replies, all driven by thoughtful code and intelligent design. Whether you're interested in the nested complexities of online conversations or the underlying technology that enables them, this project provides a valuable insight into both.

Space X Launches
Explore Space with SpaceX: Live Launch Details & Insights

React, GraphQL & Node.js

This React application leverages GraphQL on the server side to query real-time data from Elon Musk's SpaceX API, delivering insights into rocket types and launch details.

Coronavirus Disease Data Site momentarily down due to host API no longer active, working to switch API soon. Click 'View Code' below to explore the codebase.
Covid-19 Tracker: Interactive Data & Insights

Vue.js, GraphQL, Node.js & Firestore Database

This Vue.js application utilizes ApexCharts.js to render charts displaying data queried from a GraphQL back end. Queries are stored in a Firestore database, and I employ Apollo Server with Express integration as the GraphQL framework. Although the site is not currently live due to their API server (https://covid19-data.p.rapidapi.com/) being down. You can still view the code to see how I've masterfully implemented full-stack development. This includes the secure handling of API keys, and the utilization of GraphQL to manage and query data efficiently. I'm currently working on implementing a new COVID API to restore the functionality of the site.

Entrepreneur eBook
Unlock Success with Our Entrepreneur's eBook: Secure Payments Inside

Node.js, Express, REST Api, Stripe Api (Secure Payments)

This back-end Node.js application employs REST along with a view engine template to craft the graphical user interface. The "Purchase" button integrates Stripe API, providing a secure credit card payment method using the provided credit card data.

Book List
Explore Our Clothing Store: Secure and Trendy Fashion

React, TypeScript, Material UI, Styled Components, React-Query, Stripe API (Secure Payments)

This front-end React application employs TypeScript and Material UI, combined with Styled Components for a sleek and responsive design. The "Purchase" button integrates Stripe API, offering a secure and convenient shopping experience.

Score Tracker
Your Weather Companion: Accurate Forecast at Your Fingertips


This is a weather forecasting application that leverages Node.js, Express, and REST API to provide accurate and up-to-date weather information. By utilizing a weather map API with the JS Fetch API and Vue.js methods, it fetches the forecast based on the longitude and latitude provided by a geographical API. The main purpose of this app is to demonstrate the functionality that allows users to search for the current weather forecast in any city. The minimalistic design serves to highlight the core features without distraction, placing a priority on functional programming rather than UI/UX design.

ToDo List
Mindful Moments: Relax with Nature Sounds


This is a meditation app to help you relax with sounds of nature. Includes a timer that allows users to set a specific time for meditation. Built using standard web technologies like HTML for structure, CSS for styling, and JS for interactivity, it can be run using a live server on port 5500. Whether you're a meditation beginner or an experienced practitioner, this app offers a simple and immersive experience to help you find inner peace.

Social Pro
Connect with Social Pro: Your Network Building Platform


SocialPro is a vibrant online community, connecting individuals who share common personal or professional interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. It's a place to build and foster social relationships in a digital world.

Tap game
Tapalot: Unleash Your Creativity with Interactive Beat Creation Game

Javascript, Paper.js & Howler.js

Create your own beat by tapping any key! This interactive feature is built using JavaScript for the main functionality, Paper.js for rendering the visual effects, and Howler.js for handling the sound effects. (Note: This functionality may not be available on mobile devices.)

Introducing ShowTimeAgo: My Custom npm Package for User-Friendly Time Formatting
Image showcasing ShowTimeAgo />

JavaScript, Custom Time Ago Logic

I created ShowTimeAgo to provide a more user-friendly, no-configuration-needed solution for developers. Unlike other relative time APIs, ShowTimeAgo is a plug & play package, saving developers valuable time that might be spent reading through complex documentation. It's designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, to help developers focus on what matters most.

Why I'm Showcasing This: This package is a testament to my abilities in coding, dealing with Node, npm, publishing packages, and understanding how it all works. It's a real-world example of my technical expertise and my dedication to creating efficient, practical solutions.


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